Coming Soon...

But in the meantime, here are some rough drafts from a project called 95.3 w.o.k.e. to hold you over. 95.3 w.o.k.e. is a self produced, imaginary radio station hosted by the one and only el cocodrilo. All characters played by myself.


Hooptie Radio

This is the intro track to 95.3 w.o.k.e. Its important to start your day off right.


a remix off the upcoming project 95.3 w.o.k.e.

Dommiecito freestyle

one of the many radio sketches off of 95.3 w.o.k.e.

Bombay Commercial

A commercial from the station sponsor bombay, which so happens to be my favorite beverage.

promo test

this is a promo for the promo.